I'm an idea generator, a communicator, a marketer and a storyteller. My abilities and understanding of film and video production stem from my experience working through the ranks of the television production business from the bottom up. Starting my career as an intern, I earned the titles Assistant Editor, Researcher, Production Coordinator, Writer and Director. In 2008, I played a key role in creating the "DIY Dominator" competition series for DIY Network. At the time, the show was given the highest production budget in DIY Network's history.

As an eLearning content producer, I've created highly innovative and interactive instructional content for clients including the U.S. Army and Air Force.


I have a passion for music. I grew up with parents and older siblings who listened to a lot of music. It helped me to gain an appreciation at an early age. But, the one thing I enjoy more than any other hobby or passion, is being a family man. Wherever my wife and son are, is where I want to be. Together we love to travel, attend concerts, plays, festivals, and be near the ocean.